Roulette is a Popular Table Game at the Online Casinos

The game of online roulette is considered to be one of the top table casino games offered at the online casino. It may be played for fun or as the online roulette for real money game. If the player has no prior knowledge of online roulette it is suggested that he tries out the game before playing the online roulette for real money version as it is important to understand the different betting options in the game and work out a personal roulette strategy that will also depend on the budget that the player has available.

About the Roulette Game

The best roulette strategy recommendations always include a detailed description of the online roulette game and the importance of understanding the differnet betting options offered in the game as this is the basis of the roulette online game. Roulette is basically a wooden wheel that is sent spinning and a small white ball is sent into the spinning wheel.

The roulette wheel is made up of 37 different pockets, each pocket has either a red or a black number and there is also a single green pocket with the number zero. When playing online roulette American version there is an additional pocket with two zeros side by side, known as the double zero pocket.

Inside Roulette Bets

Before the wheel is set in motion the player is invited to place bets on a betting grid that sits to the side of the wheel when playing the roulette online version. The grid is made up of what is known as inside bets and outside bets. The inside bets are all inside a grid of numbers, the same numbers that appear in the wheel. An inside bet may be a bet on a single number or two numbers together, three numbers in a row or even four numbers grouped together.

The player will move his chip according to the bet he wants to place. For a bet on four numbers grouped together the player places his chip in the corner where all four numbers meet. The roulette odds for the inside bets are very high. The highest roulette odds are given for a single number bet, if the player is lucky enough to guess the correct single number where the ball in motion will come to rest he benefits from odds of 35:1.

Outside Roulette Bets

Outside bets are placed outside the grid of numbers and these are bets on groups of numbers. The bets may include all red numbers or all even numbers, the first 12 numbers or a column of numbers and so on. The outside bets do pay less roulette odds but as many of the best roulette strategy details have proven it is a good idea to place both and inside and an outside bet if the budget of the player allows it.

Once the player has familiarized himself with the betting options and checked on some roulette tips that may be offered, he is ready to start playing. As he will discover it is easy to learn how to play roulette and the game is based less on skill and much more on luck. Playing online roulette for real money does require the player to be able to place a number of bets in order to get continuity in the game and hopefully win something back of what he puts into the game.

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